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Making Mistakes

So, like most people who go into Communication Disorders, like most of my graduate school class, and probably most of my colleagues, I am a bit of a Type A personality.  I do not like to make mistakes.  Even more than not liking to make them, I really hate to admit them and have to … Continue reading

All Things Must End, Wrapping up ASHA12

ASHA 12, for better or worse, has come to an end.  In terms of sleep deprivation, it’s certainly for the better.  I could have probably gotten somewhere around 6 or 7 hours a night of sleep, but there were so many thoughts catapulting around in my head that was just not happening.  Or maybe that … Continue reading

ASHA 12 First Thoughts

It’s the Friday of ASHA 12, and I’m worn out. I wrote on my personal blog about being an introvert, and let’s just say attending this conference with the #slpeeps is not designed for an introvert. That doesn’t mean I’m not having a great time–in fact, the opposite. I need people to help me be … Continue reading

Packing for #asha12

It’s been a crazy week for me, and it’s only Tuesday.  I thought I’d have all weekend to get ready for #asha12, and be sitting back, watching Parenthood tonight.  But, my grandpa has been in hospice since late August, and took a turn for the worse, so I spent most of Saturday and Sunday at … Continue reading


I got my #slpeeps t-shirt in the mail today, so I am officially ready for #asha12! Okay, that’s a lie, I have a lot to do before Hotlanta, but I was excited to get my shirt! Get yours here.

A Newbie’s Journey

I’ve moved around, a lot.  After college I spent a year teaching in Haiti, then moved to California for grad school (the first time), to North Carolina, back to California, and then finally to South Dakota to be near family.  And I knew, every time I moved, that the first year would suck.  I would … Continue reading