Line of the Day

(This should be prefaced with a little explanation–I am blessed with exceptionally thick (read: big) hair, which I almost always wear down.  But today it was all weird after being in a ponytail at the gym, and I was seeing my hairstylist after school, so I pulled it back in a bun.  Oh, and wore contact lenses for probably the first time this year).

(I walk into the preschool room and sit down while the kids finish snack)

Me:  _____, your cupcake looks good.  What kind is it?

Kid:  (to the preschool aide, whispering) Um, where is Miss Bridget?

Aide:  Who?

Kid:  Miss Bridget…where is she?

Aide:  She’s right here (pointing at me).

Kid:  It doesn’t look like her.

(I laugh pretty darn hard)

Aide:  But it sounds like her, doesn’t it?

Kid:  (nodding, but looking at me skeptically) Mmm hmm.

Aide:  Sometimes people just look a little bit different.


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