Line of the Day

So many good ones today:

Me: Do you have a substitute teacher today?
Kid: No
Me: Really? Is Mrs. ____ here today?
Kid: No.
Me: We’ll then who was that man in your classroom?
Kid: I don’t know.

(I dropped my pen and a kid picked it up for me)
Kid: That was service.
Me: Yep, thank you.
Kid: I learned that in class…I mean,
at church, from Jesus Christ.

Me: What’s one thing you are thankful for?
Kid: I am thankful for my cousins and getting the mail from the park.
Me: The mail from the park? Tell me more.
Kid: You know the mailboxes in the park, they get the mail from them.
Me: Um…why are they getting mail from the park? Why are the mailboxes in the park?
Kid: Because.
Me: Why do they want to get the mail?
Kid: Because they are letters.
(We never quite figured it all out…talked to mom later, she didn’t get it either). 🙂


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