ASHA 12 First Thoughts

It’s the Friday of ASHA 12, and I’m worn out. I wrote on my personal blog about being an introvert, and let’s just say attending this conference with the #slpeeps is not designed for an introvert. That doesn’t mean I’m not having a great time–in fact, the opposite. I need people to help me be social, but after 2 full days, an hour or two alone is necessary.

So I’m in my hotel room, trying to pull together my first thoughts. I’ve attended a number of sessions in the last two days that have intersected, and I’ve been seeing connections. Some are unsurprising, like connections between Social Thinking and Sarah Ward‘s amazing presentation on teaching executive functioning skills. Then there’s Story Grammar Marker, which I don’t feel like I know as well, but still fits in.

There have been some not-so-great sessions, but it feels good to be able to pinpoint what I don’t like about them. As a career switcher it’s sometimes hard for me to feel kind of…in between. I have plenty of experience teaching, but not being an SLP. So I’m often still thinking really hard about concepts and so when there are these times of convergence and I can verbalize what I’m putting together, it’s great.

And the social piece this year has been so much fun. I’m finally meeting people I’ve been talking to on Twitter for a year (or more). And embarrassingly enough, people I actually met last year but didn’t remember (Hey, Kirsten!).

To keep this brief, in bullet point form, here are my top highlights so far:

  • Social Thinking for preschool–I’ve heard Social Thinking before, but this finally gave me the basic concepts…where do these skills actually develop and how in typical kids. Having that “why” gives me a better schema for the rest of it
  • Sarah Ward’s session on executive functioning–I probably only caught a quarter of it (the handout is 66 pages long), but even that much is amazing. I always sort of thought executive functioning was an add on–to keep kids organized, basically. I was so wrong. It’s about every task kids do. Organizing. Timing. I can’t wait to get home and try some of it. I loved it because it was both theoretical, you got the underpinnings, and also practical. There are things I can go home and implement next week.
  • Maya Angelou–Wow. I have always been a person who needs words. And so is she. She breathes them. It was amazing to get to hear her speak.
  • Catching up with old friends–What can you really say, it’s good to be known.

I have a number of phono sessions on the agenda tomorrow, and then the closing party.


2 thoughts on “ASHA 12 First Thoughts

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