Packing for #asha12

It’s been a crazy week for me, and it’s only Tuesday.  I thought I’d have all weekend to get ready for #asha12, and be sitting back, watching Parenthood tonight.  But, my grandpa has been in hospice since late August, and took a turn for the worse, so I spent most of Saturday and Sunday at the nursing home.  He ended up passing Sunday night, which was really best for everyone given that he had no quality of life left after years of dementia and more currently pneumonia, likely due to aspiration.

So needless to say getting things ready at work and home has been a little stressful since it’s all been crammed into much less time than was planned.  And so as I finally get ready to pack today, I am so glad that long ago I took some time and made myself a packing checklist.  It seems like one of those things that’s a no brainer…why would you need a list of what to pack?  The answer is because I’ve ended somewhere way too often without my toothbrush, or sans socks…which is bad news bears if it’s cold outside and your feet are freezing!  And I don’t know about you, but I feel mighty disorganized in the midst of packing.  I’ll be thinking about grabbing my running shoes and my socks, and get distracted by my headphones that need to go in my carryon bag, and maybe or maybe not get to the running shoes.  Or I think of 3 things I need at once, but one I find the first, the others have become a mystery.

Hence, this checklist:

Packing Checklist

It’s not set in stone.  How I usually use it is this–I open it when I’m getting ready to pack. I modify.  If it’s a beachy vacation, I add what I need for that.  For #asha12 I added just a couple of things–since I’ll be sharing a room with Tara and we’re both kind of techy, I’m bringing my mini power strip.  I also definitely need my name badge, so it’s on there.  As I go I actually do check off items.  If at some point I decide I really don’t need something, I cross it off so it’s easy to see what I’m not bringing, and what I just haven’t packed yet.

I hope some of you will find this useful (if you’re like me and haven’t packetd yet!), and I can’t wait to see all my #slpeeps at #asha12!!!


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