Hello World!

Hey there.  Yep, another  blog written by a Speech Language Pathologist.  A newbie in fact.  So perhaps a little introduction is in order.  A little who am I, why am I writing (yet another) SLP blog, and why should you care.

First, who am I.  Well, that’s a very broad question, now isn’t it.  I write about a lot of the personal parts of my life (books, crafts, faith, randomness) over on my personal blog.  And as much as this blog is about professional-y, SLP-ish things, of course my personal life influences how I see things as a professional.  As does my past.  Before making the jump to SLPland, I was a teacher.  I taught middle school, both English and ESL (English as a Second Language).  And I’m one of those weird people who loved middle schoolers.  Really.  I kinda miss the sarcasm and sass.

But I got fed up with some parts of teaching–the standardized testing, the large class sizes with incredibly diverse needs, and never feeling like I really had a grasp on where everyone was and what they were learning.  So I left teaching for a while, and worked in business.  And HATED almost every minute of it.  Not because there’s anything wrong with business, but it just wasn’t me.  I missed the autonomy of having my own classroom, I missed helping people and coming away from work with a deep satisfaction.  I missed planning things, and seeing my  plans come to fruition.  I missed being creative and collaborative.  And so I started thinking.  I’d heard about speech therapy before, but after doing grad school once (shoutout to the M.A. TESOL program at MIIS!) the thought of doing grad school, again, just seemed like too much.

But I did what I always do when I want more information-I googled it.  And happened upon ASHA’s website.  And read almost the whole thing, and LOVED it.  I wanted to be sure, so I shadowed an SLP for the day, and was hooked.  And, three years later, after prereqs and a Master’s program at the University of South Dakota, here I am.  A Speech Language Pathologist.  And at least so far, loving every minute of it.  Okay, maybe not every single minute (I had a kid throw up soon after taking my hand last week), but the vast majority.

So why am I writing a blog about it?  Well, honestly….mostly because I need to write.  I’ve always loved writing, and find it’s a good way to learn.  So self-reflection and collaboration, and oh, yeah, linking to some kick ass SLP friends like Mary at Speech Adventures, and SpeechyKeenSLP.  As far as why you should read, well, that’s really up to you.  My motto in any kind of social media is that you don’t have to read it.  I hope you will, but only because you want to.  So welcome to my blog. Stop by and introduce yourself in the comments if you’d like.


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